What Makes You Taller?

Perhaps you feel as if your friends have hit their growth spurts suddenly and you are seriously lagging behind. Maybe the rest of your family is very tall and you are wondering what you can do to try and catch up.  

Truthfully, an individual’s height is mainly determined by factors like genes and other things that are out of their control.  However, there are numerous factors affect height during your teenage years that you can control during your teenage years, like activity levels and diet. 

Appearing Taller 

1. Eat A Balanced Diet  

When an individual has a plump body that will look much shorter.  Also, eating right and being fit will make you feel better and taller! 

Eat lots of lean protein.  Nuts, soy, beans and other lean proteins help to promote healthy bones and muscle growth.  Simple carbohydrates like soda, sweets, cakes, and pizza are foods you should avoid.  

Consume lots of calcium.  Calcium, which is contained in fortified foods and leafy green vegetables like kale and spinach, help to promote healthy bones. 

Take enough zinc.  Although to date studies have been inconclusive, they point to a potential link between stunted growth for boys and zinc deficiencies.  Good zinc sources include peanuts, squash and pumpkin seeds, and wheat germ.  

Get plenty of vitamin D.  This vitamin promotes muscle and bone growth in children.  It has also been shown that a deficiency causes weight gain and stunts growth in teenage girls. Moderate levels of Vitamin D are contained in mushrooms and alfalfa, along with Vitamin-fortified foods like some cereals and milks.  However, most Vitamin D comes from exposure to sunlight.  Just being out in the sun for an average of 15 minutes per day can ensure that you get plenty of Vitamin D.   

2. Exercise In Puberty And Throughout Teen Years.  

Getting exercise on a regular bass can help you grow taller as a teenager.  Work your muscles out for 30 minutes per day at least.  

Join a gym.  When you join a gym, it provides you with access to lots of excellent muscle-building and exercise machines.  It also can help to keep you motivate to exercise (if you are in the gym but aren’t working out you’ll feel silly). 

Become a member of a sports team. Individuals who join a sports team are able to use their competitive in order to burn added calories and hopefully help to make their bodies taller.  One really good thing about team sports is most of the time you don’t even notice you are exercising.    

Walk around, if nothing else.  If you are unable to find time for doing anything else, walk around.  Walk to school.  Walk to your local library. Walk over to the grocery store.  

3. Get Enough Sleep Every Night

Sleep is when your body does it growing, so when you get plenty of sleep that is the equivalent of giving more time to your body to grow.  Get 9 to 11 hours of sleep every night if you are a preteen or under 20 years old. Our bodies naturally produce the human growth hormone (HGH), especially during slow wave or deep sleep. Getting sound, good sleep helps to promote HGH production, which the pituitary gland creates. 

4. Height Is Frequently Determined By Genetics  

Scientists estimate that genes determine 60-80% of your height.  Unfortunately, you either do or don’t have the tall gene.  That doesn’t mean you can’t grow tall if your parents are shorter; all it means is that is more likely that you be more on the short side if you have shorter parents. 

5. You Will Most Likely Be In Your Twenties Before You Stop Growing

Many young kids wonder if they have finished growing yet. Probably the answer is no if you are under 18 years old.  If you are still not out of puberty, then you are still growing.  Try being thankful that you have some extra time for growing taller rather than worrying about what your final height will be.  

6. Have Good Posture

Stand up straight at all times rather than having your back hunched. Spread your shoulders out slightly towards your back.  You will look a lot taller when you have good posture.