Short height is not something that you cannot deal with. There are shoes that makes you taller and bring back your lost confidence. But finding the best shoes that amalgamate comfort and elegance can be difficult. That’s why we have compiled the list of Top 10 Height Increasing Shoes 2017. So you can easily find and choose the one that suits your aura and personality.

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There are plenty of shoes available in the market that helps you to look taller. Few are good if you are looking for comfort while few looks great to wear. Now, which one should you choose? It can be difficult to make a decision but don’t worry we will help you to figure it out soon!

Best Shoes That Makes You Taller 2017

It can be a very personal decision to choose a height increasing shoes. However, it is not possible to recommend any one shoe to everyone as it is more of a personal choice.

What may look good on one person may not be as pleasing for another.

There are a number of factors that you should take care of before making a purchase decision. These factors encompass height, leather, comfort, design and style. Our Top 10 shoes that makes you taller will simplify the decision-making process.

Below is the table that exhibits Top 10 Height Increasing Shoes 2017. Every product in the table has been especially reviewed in detail.

1. CHAMARIPA Elevator Shoes Tuxedo


Chamaripa Elevator Shoes Corporation design and manufactures premium men’s elevator shoes since 1996. It has an established customer base as over 11 million people have used their handcrafted elevator shoes.

CHAMARIPA Elevator Shoes Tuxedo Leather Dress Height Increasing Shoes Lifts 2.96 Inch Taller K4022

  • Chamaripa Elevator Shoes are made up of high-quality leather. The heel sole varies in sizes so you can decide how much height do you want to increase. The best thing about these elevator shoes is that they gives the perfect illusion of height and no one can guess that you are wearing elevator shoes.
  • The design looks perfect with dress pants and suits so these shoes would be the perfect choice for a meeting, formal dinner or parties.
  • Chamaripa Elevator Shoes comes in black and brown color. The black shoes are perfect and get along with all types of dresses. The second shade comes in two tone brown colored shoes. However, you should keep this in mind that the color may slightly vary from the pictures shown on the internet.
  • The insoles are comfortable and can provide you extra inches in your height. Some people find it hurting after wearing elevator shoes for long hours.

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2. GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes


If you can spend some bucks on buying luxury shoes and are fond of wearing super comfortable and edgy shoes, then you can opt “GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes.” GuidoMaggi is the creator of luxury elevator shoes that are handcrafted in Italy.

GuidoMaggi Men’s BOND STREET 3.1″ Height Increasing Leather Elevator Shoes

These are the finest shoes that are made up from premium full grain leather. The insole comprises of soft goat lining that enhances the comfort level of wearing the elevator shoes. The outsole is made up of rubber that helps to protect from getting slipped.

These elevator shoes are the most comfortable shoes on the planet. GuidoMaggi is the best in making elevator shoes.

  • The shoe laces that come with “Bond Steet” shoes is cotton waxed. The stitching is fine and classy. You can see the clear visible stitches on Upper leather, outsole, and midsole.
  • This design is available in black and burned brown shade. The shoe shine applauds its fine quality. The design also looks great with the formal attire as it adds an extra oomph and elegance to the personality.
  • These shoes are available in 3 heights so before ordering these pair of shoes, don’t forget to see the size chart to estimate your shoe size. Be careful before ordering as the same design comes in three size variants.
  • You can choose from following three variants. Check how much do you want an increase in height,

 – 2.4 in(6cm)

– 2.75in(7cm)

– 3.1in(8cm)

  • It can also be a perfect gift for your husband or friend who seems to be embarrassed due to his height. These shoes look wonderfully awesome that anyone would want to wear them at first sight. They add natural inches to your height without any false style statement.

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3. CALDEN Height Increasing Elevator Shoes


CALDEN – K320021 – 2.4 Inches Taller – Height Increasing Elevator Shoes-Black Leather Cap-toe

Calden is also a formal height increasing shoes that makes you taller.

  • It is made up of two-tone smooth & pebble grain leather. It is designed in Cap-toe style. The fitting is great because of its comfy design and style.
  • It is made up with Goodyear welt stitching that adds the elegance to its design. Calden designs for durability and has a longer life. The bottom is made up of synthetic rubber.
  • This particular design can make you  2.4 inches taller in height. Due to its design, it doesn’t look like that you are wearing elevator shoes to camouflage your height. These elevator shoes are comfortable enough to wear all day.
  • They come with excellent fitting and people who bought these are in love with these shoes. Apparently, they are also reasonably priced as compared to other high-end brands. The price is low as compared to others in the review.

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