How To Get Taller Fast- Killer Ways To Get Your Dream Height (SECRETLY FAST)

Tall height is a great plus. It is more of a temptation! Many short people are struggling hard to their way to success.

If you are short, you may have come across rejections at many instances be it, the student life, finding love or a job interview.

So How To Get Taller Fast?

Every month on average, 27,000 people around the world are searching over the internet to look for how to get taller fast in a week.

In this article, we are going to tell you the absolute killer ways to achieve your dream height.

This is an informative list covering 9 ways through which you can increase your chances of getting taller through a combination of doable tweaks and tasks that you need to follow in your everyday routine to get rid of the fear of being rejected every time.

1. Eat A Nutritious Meal

How to grow height faster? Height plays a significant role in everyone’s life. There are research studies that corroborate the success of an individual to his/her tall height. For most of the people, height is a factor that is relative to the genes.

In the past, this notion was supported however the modern research studies have proved that,

– Height is not just dependent on the genes or heredity material.

– It is also not just dependent upon the height of parents.

– Rather there are also some other factors that determine the height of an individual.

One of them is “Nutrition“.

How to grow taller fast? People who are short tend to focus on exercise or stretches in order to gain few inches in height. But what they lack is the proper nutritional meal that could assist in getting their dream height.

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How do you grow taller? Though the age of individual matters, however, there is no scientific prove that a person stops growing after 25. There are cases where individuals were able to grow taller in their 30’s.

Planning a nutritional meal is very important if you are serious about improving your height. You can include the following items in your meal to improve your chances to grow taller.

  • Include lean proteins in your diet.
  • Take multivitamins to fulfill your daily vitamin requirement.
  • Dairy products rich in calcium can also help in bone strengthening.
  • Take seafood twice a week as it includes healthy nutrients that are crucial to height increase.
  • Liver is also beneficial for increasing height as it contains nutrients to promote height.
  • Also, include a variety of meat in your every week’s diet. Consume beef, chicken, and fish on alternate days.
  • Vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, iceberg, broccoli, cucumber and other leafy vegetables.
  • A concoction made up of tomato, broad beans and cabbage can be highly effective in activating the growth hormone. But the drink should be made with the right quantity of ingredients. You can see the right quantity of ingredients in Dr. Darwin Smith’s EBook for height increase.

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2. How To Look Taller? Wear High Heels, Elevator Shoes & Temporary Insoles

Being taller can always give you the boost in confidence. Wearing high heels, platform sandals, boots, court shoes or gladiator heels can be the ultimate solution to add some temporary inches to your height instantly.


  • For short men, there are built-in height increasing shoes known as “Elevator Shoes” that can help to add up to 4.2 inches or 10 cm in height. These elevator shoes invisibly increase the height and are specially designed for short people. They are available online and can be shipped all over the world.
  • How can i get taller? There are also height increasing insoles for men available in the market that you can place in your shoes to make those extra inches look real.
  • To get instantly tall, females can wear heels that come in variety such as high heels, platform heels, wedges, boots or gladiator heels etc.

So grab a pair of heels or elevator shoes and rock your looks for tonight prom party or a formal dinner without getting hesitant about your short height. You can appear taller instantly.

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3. How To Dress Taller? Dress Smartly

How to make yourself taller naturally quickly? If you are short and wanted to see how to grow in height or simply want to look an inch or two taller than your actual height then you need to focus on dressing smartly. By dressing smartly it means to choose the style and color of your dress wisely.

  • Monotones and shades of black help a person appear smarter and taller.
  • But try to avoid wearing all black dress as it has the tendency to make you look shrink in height.
  • Vertical lines are preferable as compared to horizontal as vertical strips or designs disguise your fats and uncurvy structure.
  • Small prints should be preferred as large prints tend to make a person look fat. This ultimately affects your height.
  • Avoid patterns on jeans as it will make your legs look shorter.
  • Your trouser or pants should rest above your hips. Avoid wearing the pants high or low on the waist as in both cases, it will highlight your short frame of structure.
  • Men should go for a skinnier tie to look taller.
  • Wear a well-tailored suit that can enhance your personality and will give an instant boost to your appearance.
  • Men should avoid wearing vests as it draws the attention to the middle section of the body.
  • Skip the belts as they also tend to break the body and makes you look shorter.

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4. Choose your Hairstyle Wisely

How can you make yourself taller? If we are short that doesn’t mean that we are born to live short. There are plenty of ways that can help us change our everyday lifestyle. So here are few tips to make you learn how do you make yourself taller or how to gain height quickly by choosing a wise hairstyle.

  • For short height people, short hairs are much appropriate as short hair helps to enhance your neck and shoulder region, adding a lift to your stature.
  • On the other hand, long hair tends to camouflage the neck and may make you appear shorter.
  • Short hair tends to also elongate your neck and chin.
  • Accessorize your top half of the body by wearing cool caps, chains, and sleek scarfs.

5. Eat Balanced Diet Mindfully

Eating a balanced diet is the number one factor in getting tall. You know that when mom’s go to the doctor and tell them that my kid is short in his class and it makes me feel awful when I see him with his tall age fellows.

Many young moms ask the doctors why my kid is not growing properly?

The reason can be a lack of nutritional meal for your kid. In growing age, it is important to give your kid a balanced and nutrition enriched meal that can boost your kid’s hormones.

  • Even when a person passes puberty it is still important to focus on a balanced diet that contains proteins and carbohydrates in abundance to give the body strength and power to grow more.
  • Calcium intake is also of significant importance as the stronger bones will prone to grow better. Furthermore, fruits and vegetables enriched with vitamin C should be a regular part of the diet.
  • Eating mindfully is a habit that can save you from many complexities, ailments, and diseases in future.

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6. Avoid fast food joints & Junk meal

Fast food joints can satisfy your appetite for junk food but it can never replace a healthy meal that contains green leafy vegetables, beans sprouts, fresh vibrant fruits, and berries. It is important to understand that need to avoid fast food and junk meal if you are serious to improve your stature.

  • Junk meal accumulates fatty content in the body making a person look fat and chubby. This consequently makes you look shorter.
  • If you want to learn how to be taller, it is important to have a balanced diet. Fast food and junk food can ruin the balanced diet regime. Focus on building a healthy meal plan.
  • Moms should impart this knowledge to their kids at an early age so they can learn how to grow faster in height. Telling the benefits of a healthy meal at a tender age will have lasting effects on their brains. How to grow taller overnight for teens is not possible. Mom should know about the best food to help kids grow
  • If you are an adult, try to cook healthy food for yourself or ask your mother to incorporate vegetables and leafy green items in your meal to get a nutrition packed meal that will aid in your height increase process.

So here is the list of ultimate killer ways telling you how to get taller fast? Try them out instantly but if you are looking for a permanent solution then you may need to take height growth pills (also known as grow tall pills or growth hormone pills for height) or supplements that tell you how can you grow taller by fulfilling your needs, or you may go for a knee lengthening surgery that can add maximum 3 inches to your height. But the process is expensive and should be taken as the last resort as it may result in complications as well.

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7. How To Get Taller Exercises

How to increase your height? There are many well-known exercises to increase height. You should allow your body to expand and grow. In some individuals, due to the lack of healthy lifestyle, they are not able to reach their maximum height. For such people, it is important to perform exercises to grow taller.

There are many stretching exercises to increase height. In the next guide, we are going to reveal,

  • Grow taller exercises for kids
  • Exercises to grow taller for teens
  • Grow taller exercises for men

This article is updated on a regular basis. Please come back soon to see new ways of how to get taller fast!