HOW TO GET TALLER NATURALLY? 25 Best Ways To Increase Height Fast

HOW TO GET TALLER NATURALLY? 25 Best Ways To Increase Height Fast

Many people are on a quest to know how to get taller naturally and faster? We all know that height is genetically determined but not everyone knows the fact that only 60% is dependent upon the genetic makeup of an individual while the rest of 40% depends upon the environmental factors. This exhibits that there is a propensity to increase height even if you think you have stopped growing.

Thousands of people are still looking for natural ways to increase height. You can find the list below that highlights the basic ways that can help you to learn how to get taller faster and naturally.


In order to get taller fast, you can follow a variety of ways to get your dream height. This includes incorporating healthy food items in your diet which may encompass lean proteins, Vitamin D, zinc and calcium enriched food items. Other natural ways to get taller is to work continuously on improving your posture. In addition to this, you can also find some other interesting ways to appear to get taller such as choosing the right haircut and wearing clothes that make you look taller.

Learning how to get taller naturally can be an effective way to deal with low self-esteem, lack of confidence and shyness. Below you can find some of the ways to learn how to get taller in a fast and natural way.

  1. Plan a Healthy Diet

Eating rightfully in your early teens can help you to get taller. A healthy diet feeds your body healthy nutrients that help to grow to reach your full height. This means that you should incorporate healthy food such as salads, whole grains items and fish. Staying away from the junk & preservative food, carbonated drinks and sodas can improve the growing process. Sometimes eating simple food can become bland and boring. You can look for new recipes to try out so as to make your food interesting and full of healthy nutrients.

  1. Eat Abundance of Lean Protein

Proteins play an important role in making your bones, muscles and even cartilage strong and sturdy. They act as building blocks that’s why it is significantly important to provide your body enough proteins to reach maximum height. Food rich in protein includes eggs, fish, nuts, dry fruits, poultry and lean meat.

To further assist you regarding how to get taller methods, below is the chart that mentions the recommended amount of proteins that should be a part of your diet. This recommended amount of protein intakes varies according to the age and gender.


  • 9 to 18 years of age are recommended to consume at least 5 ounces on a daily basis.


  • 9 to 13 years of age are recommended to consume at least 5 ounces on a daily basis.
  • 14 to 18 years of age are recommended to consume at least 6.5 ounces on a daily basis.
  1. Incorporate Vitamin D in Your Diet

Vitamin D is known for its immense benefits for developing stronger bones. It is also beneficial to promote muscle growth in kids. Many doctors refer to get enough of vitamin D if someone is looking to increase the height of their kid. The studies also exhibit that vitamin D deficiency can result in stunted growth. Anyone who wants to know how to get taller should know the importance of making Vitamin D a part of their diet.

  • Vitamin D is available in the form of ampoules. You can take each ampule every week for continuous three to four weeks.
  • It is also available in the form of chewable tablets.
  • You can also consume food items that contain Vitamin D to grow taller naturally.
  1. Keep An Eye On Your Weight

Body weight also affects the height growth of a human being. So, maintaining an ideal weight is important if you are looking to get taller naturally.

  • Calculate your BMI to see if you are underweight, fit or overweight.
  • Simply put your age, gender, height, weight and then press “Calculate“.
  • On the right hand, you can see the result that will determine in which category do you lie,

– Underweight = <18.5
– Normal weight = 18.5–24.9
– Overweight = 25–29.9
– Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

  1. Eat Zinc Enriched Food Items

The scientific researchers provide enough evidence for linking stunt height growth with the deficiency of zinc in the body. This infers that people who are deficient in zinc may be more inclined towards getting effected with stunt height growth. This provides plenty of evidence to incorporate zinc in your diet as an essential element for gaining height and stature.

To see if you are zinc deficient or not, there is an easy to do zinc test that can be conducted at home.

Nature already offers different food items that contain zinc in abundance. These food items are all naturals and fueled with zinc to offer additional strength and support to your body.

  1. Increase Calcium Intake To Increase Height Quickly

Another important element for height increase is Calcium. We all know the old tale of drinking milk to become taller and stronger. The scientific researchers provide enough data to link height gain with calcium intake. It is believed to be a vital ingredient to help the bones to get stronger.

  • Dairy products are the abundant source of calcium.
  • It is recommended to consume at least three cups of dairy product enriched with calcium.
  • Modern research says that instead of drinking milk at night, switch the timings. Drink milk either in morning or the best time to drink milk is between 3 pm to 5 pm.
  • However, it needs to be consumed in a moderate manner as excess use of dairy products can lead to cholesterol build-up and heart diseases.
  • Dairy items are made from milk that may include butter, cream, cream cheese, refined butter etc.
  1. Avoid Junk and Fast Food


If you are serious about getting taller then you have to choose healthy food and stay away from the junk food. Following a healthy diet can make you able to learn how to grow 3 inches taller in a week during puberty.

  • Excessive intake of fatty and salty food can negatively impact upon your height.
  • A diet filled with healthy nutrients can help you to grow to the fullest height potential.
  1. Take Multivitamin Supplements

Multivitamins intake can also help to put up with your deficiency of vital nutrients. The multivitamins will fulfil your daily nutrient requirements to provide vitality and energy to the body.

  • During teenage, take vitamin supplements with the consultation of your doctor. This, in turn, will help you to grow taller during puberty when the growth plates are open.
  • Calcium, Zinc and Vitamin D are essentially important for the development and growth of bones and muscles.
  • Cod liver oil tablets contain vitamin D in abundance. They are easily accessible in the market. But before taking any supplement, talk to your doctor.
  1. Avoid Grow Taller Supplements & Be Careful of HGH Hormone

There are many supplements and pills that talks about increasing height in a miraculous way. Don’t believe in any claim made by a height increasing pill or supplement company without any evidence. Before making a purchase, do a search for the product online and read reviews that are written by people who have actually bought and tested the product. Moreover, keep this in mind that,

  • Not all grow tall pills for adults are fake. There are few medicines to grow taller fast that has shown results in people who have bought and tested the pills.
  • Height increases when the growth plates are open. Hence, for some people who actively follow a healthy diet, regular height increase exercises routine and works on their posture may see results.
  • Additionally, some companies claim to use HGH (human growth hormone) a hormone that plays a significant role in the bones and joints development. But never take this hormone by your own. You should always consult your doctor before making a purchase decision for such products.
  • You should only take grow taller supplements that are FDA approved. Because not all are height growth pills that really work. Many grow taller pills have their own side effects.
  1. Take Adequate Sleep

Many people are not aware of the fact that a person grows while sleeping. Taking adequate sleep increases the propensity to get taller. Reason being that Science has already backed this fact that a person grows while sleeping. During sleep, your body tends to produce HGH which is a growth hormone that helps a person to grow in height. An adequate sleep helps to activate the body to produce HGH naturally.

In order to grow at your full potential, you need to switch your sleeping pattern.

  • School going kids must get 9 to 10 hours of sleep.
  • Teens and adults must take at least 8 hours of sleep to keep the momentum for growth.
  • You can also perform some stretches to grow taller before bedtime.

You can also check the appropriate time for sleeping using this “Sleep calculator“.

There are 4 scenarios based on which the calculator decides your sleeping pattern.

HOW TO GET TALLER NATURALLY? 25 Best Ways To Increase Height Fast
  1. Learn How To Grow Taller Exercises

Exercise regularly can help the body in a variety of ways. Start exercises to grow taller at age 16 or even after 18 as it helps the body muscles to stretch and expand. Performing exercises to grow taller in a week, during the teenage is crucial for height development. Many people are not aware of this fact and lose the chance to grow during their teens. Even some basic exercises to grow taller after 18 such as skipping, jumping and stretching can help your spine to lengthen and elongate. This stands true for both males and females.

  • You can make yourself regular in performing grow taller exercises that really work.

– Start with 30 minutes of exercise a day, then increase the duration of exercise and make it to 1 hour a day.

– The gist is to perform stretches and grow taller exercises after puberty to increase your chances of growing taller.

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  1. Play Sports Regularly

Playing sports can also help the spine to elongate that in turn helps the body to maximise its growth potential. Sports helps the body to stretch every muscle and joint.

Sports such as basketball, volleyball and tennis is great for maximising your growth potential. You can also see that usually, sports players are tall in height. Make sports a habit from early ages, as it will have long-term positive impacts on your health and body.

  1. Swimming Supports Muscles

Swimming is another way to help your body to stretch and make use of your muscles. In swimming your back and limb will stretch making it possible for you to get taller. These are some of the natural ways that have a significant impact on height increase if followed religiously during the teenage. The teenage is known for the age that supports maximum height increase. After passing puberty, the growth plates are closed that makes the required increase in height difficult.

  1. Stretches To Grow Taller During Puberty

Stretching your body on a regular basis shows some promising results.

  • While you are still in your bed after you wake up, stretch your body as much as you can.
  • You can also roll from left to right and vice versa. This stretching activity is great to loosen up your muscles and to make them relax.
  • Make this a habit of stretching in the morning and at night.

There are also some advanced level stretching exercises that can really make a difference in your height if done on a regular basis.

  • Stand straight on your feet. Raise your hands up in the air for 2 seconds and then bend to touch your toes.
  • Another popular stretching exercise is known as cobra stretches. You can also do bridge stretch to increase your height naturally.

If you are still in your teens, then follow the above-mentioned ways and wait to naturally get taller over time. The aforementioned steps help to boost the height in a natural way. However, it is not necessary to get tall while you are still in your early age. Some people have growth spurts at 17 or 18 years and they tend to get taller fast naturally. Consult a paediatric endocrinologist as he/she can describe how to get taller in an effective way to increase height.

  1. Improve Posture to Increase Height

Never disappoint if you see that you are not getting the results for your efforts. There are plenty of ways that you can try to get effective results. One of these includes adjusting your posture.

  • Many people have a weak posture that tends to make their spine crooked. Some people are also hunchbacked and for that reason, their posture further deteriorates. Their shoulders are always slumped forward, making their posture look bad.
  • There are also some people who have a habit to put weight on one leg while standing. This is also not a good position to stand as habitually standing in such a way negatively impacts the spine.

So, to improve or correct your posture, you can follow few basic steps to enhance your look over the time.

  • Your spine should be erect. Practice a good posture by walking with a book placed on your head. This exercise is great for learning to keep the spine erect and balancing the body.
  • Stick your chin up and shoulder broad as it overall enhances your personality and makes you look more confident. It also adds an illusion of better height.
  • Always attempt to sit straight as an extra concentration can help you to improve your posture and add an extra inche to your height if done regularly.
  1. Adjust your haircut

Longer hair tends to capture other’s attention. Go for medium or short hair. Short or medium haircuts are better off if you are looking for a quick way to add an illusion of a couple of additional inches in your height. Such haircut highlights your neck and makes you look a bit taller. On the other hand, longer hair makes you look shorter as they drag the attention from neck to the hair that covers your back.

Always choose a hairstyle that suits your overall personality and does not overshadow your looks.

  1. Streamline your overall look

    In an effort to look taller, you also need to work on your dressing and looks.

  • Tight fitting clothes and pants highlights your curves and make you look sleek.
  • On the contrary, baggy jeans and loose fitting clothes do not accentuate your curves that’s why you appear to look bulky. Avoid wearing such clothes.
  • Instead, fill your wardrobe with dresses that makes you look taller instead of short.
  • If a particular color, cuts or pattern make you look shorter then avoid that design and revamp your wardrobe with dresses that appear to make you look slim and tall.
  1. Wear slimming clothes, colors, and vertical patterns

Many people are not aware of the effects of colours and patterns on an individual’s height. Height is genetically determined but there are also some environmental factors that decide the height of a person. Likewise, clothes, colors, patterns, accessories etc. also play an important role in enhancing the look of a person and make him/her look appear taller.

  • Darker shades of blue, green and black tend to look great for someone who is obese and short.
  • Such colors accentuate the personality by an enhanced trim look of the body.
  • Long skirts also appear to give you extra inches in height.
  • Apart from this vertical and small patterns works great for anyone is looking to add few more inches in height.
  • Always avoid large patterns and horizontal stripes as they make you look shorter and fat.
  1. Wear heels or elevator shoes to fake height

If you are not able to work out on any of the above ways of how to get taller naturally then add temporary inches to your height by wearing heels or elevator shoes. This is the only way for people who are searching for how to become tall in one day.

  • It gives an instant boost to your short height and makes you look taller than your normal height. Even you can decide how tall do you want to look.
  • You can add half an inch to up to six inches temporarily in your height.
  • The heels also drag away attention from your short statureinstead other people tend to focus more on your facial features rather than your short height.

It can be difficult for some people to walk in heels or wear height insoles or elevator shoes but with consistency and practice, one can become acquaint with that. Heel inserts also work well for men.

Gigantism Definition, Causes, Symptoms & It’s Effects That You Want To Know

Gigantism Definition, Causes, Symptoms & It’s Effects That You Want To Know

Gigantism Definition

Gigantism is a hormonal disorder. It can be defined as.

Abnormal growth or development in the size or stature of the indvidual’s whole body or some parts of the body occured mostly due to the dysfunction of pituary gland.

Causes of Gigantism

A person grows significantly above the average height. The hormonal imbalance leads to such disorder. In children, it is also known as growth syndrome. The most common form of gigantism is known as Pituitary Gigantism. This is caused due to the excessive secretion of the pituitary gland that is responsible for the growth of an individual. It is caused due to a tumor of the pituitary gland that results in the excessive production and secretion of the human growth hormones responsible for the development of the body of an individual.

Symptoms of Gigantism

In the beginning, it is difficult to spot the symptoms of Gigantism or this growth disorder as the initial growth of a child is believed to be growth sprout. But you can detect the symptoms earlier if paid attention to the following:

  1. See that is your kid larger in size as compared to its peers
  2. Check if his hands and feet are growing big
  3. Coarse facial hair is another symptom to detect Gigantism
  4.  Check if your kid has a prominent jaw bone and forehead

Gigantism Definition, Causes, Symptoms & It’s Effects That You Want To Know

Hypersecretion vs. Acromegaly

The gigantism in children is commonly known as Hypersecretion while if it is caused in adults, then it is referred to as acromegaly.

People Affected Due To Gigantism

The tallest person in the world was Robert Wadlow who was 8 inch and 11 feet tall. He was also the case of gigantism. The cases of gigantism can be found across the history and on every continent. The tallest people are from Europe, Asian and the Middle East. Sultan Kosen from Turkey is the tallest alive person in the world. He also held the record for the tallest living person in the world. However, some of the tallest people were very successful in their life. For example,

  • Suleiman Ali Nashnush, From Libya, is the tallest basketball player with 8 feet and 1-inch height.
  • Gogea Mitu, from Romanis, is the tallest professional boxer and he is 7 feet 9 inches tall.
  • Muhammad Irfan from Pakistan is the tallest cricketer in the world with 7 feet and 1-inch height.
  • Dmitriy Muserskiy from Russia is 7 feet and 2 inches tall. He is a volleyball player.

Effects Of Gigantism On Human Life

Getting tall is a dream of many people. Short people always look at the tall people with a keen look as they know that they are not as much attractive as the tall people seems. Such people tend to look for ways to get taller fast. Be it fashion, modeling, military or any facet of life. Tall people are deemed to be intelligent and smart. On the other hand, short people are believed to be short and dumb.

This is how the world perceives and stereotype individuals. It is important to see that there are several people in the world who on the other side are so tall because they are affected by a disease name gigantism. This problem leads to the extra growth of an individual as the growth hormone in a person works abnormally and results in an extra growth of the person. Many people in the world got affected by this disease and grew to such an extent that it becomes difficult for them to carry out their daily chores. Many left their education half way as their abnormal growth made it difficult to continue their studies.

HOW TO GROW TALLER: 23 Steps To Grow Taller When Your Parents Are Short

HOW TO GROW TALLER: 23 Steps To Grow Taller When Your Parents Are Short

Daniel Radcliffe is not tall — he’s around 5’5″.

He knows well that he is under six feet and still thinks he is well with his height. Six feet is believed to be the ideal height in the US and he fell half foot shorter. But still, doesn’t bother about it.

However, there are many people in the world who are not happy with their short stature. They wanted to grow a couple of inches taller but feel hopeless to see that both their parents are not tall enough. They lose hope and become depressed but little they know that there are chances to grow taller at any age even if your parents are shorter.

How To Grow Taller?

If you are looking for ways of how to grow taller to increase your height, then try these 23 absolute killer natural ways to reach your maximum height. Learn how to grow taller naturally fast to become taller and smarter.

1. Maintain a Balanced Diet

Eat a balanced & nutritious diet comprising of proteins, carbohydrates, green leafy vegetables, vitamin C enriched fruits, calcium and vitamin food. To achieve your maximum potential, include the following in your diet,

  • Turnips, Brussel sprouts, lady finger, broccoli, spinach, soybeans and beans
  • Oranges, grapefruit, banana, lemon
  • Indian ginseng (Ashwagandha)
  • Milk, cheese, yogurt, cereals, oatmeal
  • Chicken, beef, fish, meat


2. How To Grow Your Height By Playing Sports?

Playing sports actively helps you to increase flexibility, strength, and vigor in your body. Few of the sports that are known to be good for accelerating height growth are,

  • Swimming: It can yield fruitful results if you start swimming from an early age (starting from 12 years to 16 years). Swimmers tend to have better height and posture than the non-swimmers.
  • Leaping: Leaps can also be a way to increase height if youjump daily for a prolonged period. Just pushing yourself off the ground will not help. You will need power jumps like get low and explode with full power.
  • Skipping: If you want to grow vertically, then start skipping from a low note. Starting from 50 skips a daygradually move to 300 skips. It requires consistency to see an increase of an inch or two in height. It also helps to improve spine and posture.
  • Basketball: You can also opt for basketball exercises to get taller. You can see basketball players are usually taller in height since they start playing basketball in teenage.

3. How To Become Taller By Performing Sprinting?

Sprinting is a vigorous intensity exercise and can help you to learn how to get taller naturally. It is an effective exercise if you want to know how to grow taller for teens. It is more powerful and faster than simply running. Sprinting Exercise is another great way to help the human growth hormone to function properly.

  • Sprinting is when a runner maintains his full speed.
  • A person becomes fatigue that is why it is done in short spurts.
  • By running fast, the blood flow and circulation improve that leads to bones lengthening hence, remodeling.

4. Best Exercises To Grow Taller

Scientific research divulged that there are many exercises that make you taller such as stretching and sprinting can aid in an increase in the height of an individual by 3 inches if the stretching exercises and sprinting are done on a frequent and regular basis.

  • Do bridge stretches to get taller
  • Do cobra stretches
  • Perform hip flexor growth stretches

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5. Height Growth Pills For Men

In a quest to learn how to be taller, many people are attracted towards ways to grow taller such as the use of height increasing pills and supplements. In order to gain height, you should avoid grow taller pills supplements that are not approved by FDA. If you want to know how do you get taller overnight? then it is better to follow other tips for instant results.

6. Keep An Eye On Your Weight

Body weight also affects the height growth of a human being. So, maintaining an ideal weight is important if you are looking to get taller naturally.

  • Calculate your BMI to see if you are underweight, fit or overweight.
  • You can check out this link to calculate your BMI score.
  • Simply put your age, gender, height, weight and then press “Calculate“.
  • On the right hand, you can see the result that will determine in which category do you lie,

– Underweight = <18.5
– Normal weight = 18.5–24.9
– Overweight = 25–29.9
– Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

7. Make Your Meal Healthy

Eat healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner that must be full of essential nutrients. Your breakfast should encompass carbohydrates, proteins, and calcium. Don’t rely on how to grow taller supplements that are available in the market.

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HOW TO GROW TALLER: 23 Steps To Grow Taller When Your Parents Are Short

8. Exercise With Empty Stomach Can Be Dangerous

There are many grow taller exercises for men. Don’t do exercise on an empty stomach as it could be potentially dangerous for you.

  • Eating eggs, oatmeal, soy milk is perfect for breakfast.
  • Studies show that munching something before doing exercise can significantly enhance exercise endurance.

9. Take Sunlight For Height Growth

Apart from genetics, there are few external stimuli that affect the growth of an infant. Sunlight provides vitamin D in its natural form that has proved to shown significant results for gaining height. The effects of absorbing sunlight from an early age have shown on average 1.7cms taller height in research conducted in Spain.

  • You should sit in sunlight every day for few minutes to absorb the vitamin D in its natural form.
  • Remember to apply sunblock before going in the sun otherwise, you will get a tan, and your skin may burn.
  • Avoid the sun during peak hours such as in the noon.

10. Consume Products Made Up Of Milk

Drinking milk does not guarantee height increase. It is just a way to get the essential nutrients in your body. As everyone knows that milk is the best source of calcium so it is recommended to drink milk in order to give your body enough calcium for the development of bones. You can further help your body and muscles to grow stronger by consuming dairy products.

  • Consuming dairy products such as cheese, yogurt, and ice cream can be a rich source of calcium.
  • People who are lactose intolerant can switch to leafy vegetables, nuts, poultry, and meat.


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11. Zinc Deficiency Can Be Dangerous

The lack of zinc can be fatal. One of the shortcomings that a person may face due to the lack of zinc is stunted growth. Some people want to know how to get taller fast for kids? In order to supplement height growth, consume the best food to help kids grow taller. Food items that contain zinc include peas, eggs, asparagus, and chocolates.

  • A research study has shown that supplementing school kids with zinc along with a multivitamin has proven height increase in school going kids.
  • It is an essential micronutrient that is required for the body to perform several biological processes.
  • It is found in a protein enriched food mainly in meat, fish, shellfish, and oysters, etc.

12. Eat Spinach For Boosting HGH

Spinach can also help to offer energy and boost body functionality leading to increased production of human height growth hormone.

  • It is rich in iron that helps to make fresh blood in the body.
  • It is also a rich source of fibers, calcium, and vitamins that can help to promote height.

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13. Consume Lysine Supplements

Lysine supplements are a great source of energy and development. Consuming such items that contain a high amount of lysine can help you to increase height naturally.

  • Lysine is an amino acid that is mainly found in nuts.
  • It helps the body to absorb calcium and helps in the formation of collagen that is present in bones, muscles, tendons and cartilages.

14. How To Grow Height Faster By Performing Yoga Exercises

Yoga exercise helps to improve posture, and it also aids in stretching the spine so one can increase height by a couple of inches. If you want to learn how to grow taller overnight, then it is not possible.

Deep breathing is one of the yoga exercises to get taller fast as it helps to flush fresh oxygen in the body leading to a reduction in pain, muscles, and stiffness of the body. Moreover, following yoga poses are known to be helpful in increasing height in a natural manner without any medication.

  • Sun Salutation
  • Pleasant Pose
  • Mountain Pose
  • Cat Pose
  • Triangle Pose
  • Tree Pose

15. Wear High Heels Or Elevator Shoes

Many people who are in search of how to grow 4 or 5 inches taller after puberty can go for easy ways to get taller. So, in order to add temporary inches to your height, you can wear heels or shoes with extra high soles. This gives the impression of a taller stature.

  • Walking in heels or elevator shoes is not simple.
  • You may need the practice to wear heels or elevator shoes.
  • If you feel pain while wearing heels or elevator shoes, then dip your feet in warm water for the pain relief.
  • You can also put some talcum powder in the shoes to make them comfortable.

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16. Don’t Consume Caffeinated Beverages

Consumption of caffeine can negatively impact your health, so it is optimum to restrict the use of caffeine. Though there is no such evidence that proves caffeine stunts growth but if you want to increase your height naturally then shift towards more healthy options. Caffeine has not shown any effect in growing teens bone gain or bone density.

  • Restrict the consumption of sodas, coffeeand energy drinks.
  • Also, avoid drugs as they harm the functions of your internal organs.
  • Avoid nicotine and alcohol as well.

17. Correct Your Posture

Carrying correct posture is of significant importance. Improper posture can halt the height growth process. It can also lead to other physical complexities.

  • While walking keep your shoulders backpush your chest out and suck your stomach in for a perfect posture.
  • Try to keep your spine upright while sitting.
  • Also avoid sitting in a crooked position.

18. Stay Away From Growth Inhibitors

There are many elements that can affect the growth and development of your body. These elements are pretty common in the market nowadays. Many of us, don’t even realize that we are putting our health at risk while indulging in such products that can have an effect on the growth of our body and organs.

Use of alcohol, steroids or even smoking at any early age can be potentially damaging to the body. This can also result in stunt growth.

Malnutrition also leads to different problems related to health and development of the body.

19. Include Soybean In Your Diet

Soybean is rich in protein and can provide you with enough energy that helps to makes your bone stronger. This is one cheap remedy if you are looking for ways of how can you get taller naturally at home.

  • Consume handful of soybeans daily to fulfill the energy requirement of your body that will, in turn, helps you to get taller faster.

20. Eat Yogurt Daily

A yogurt is a healthy option that comes with immense benefits for the body. It offers a rich amount of calcium and Vitamin D, both of which are known for their benefits for stronger bones and healthier body.

  • Daily consumption of yogurt in summers can save you from many ailments. It also treats bacteria and infections that are caused due to the external environment.

21. Maintain Ideal Weight

Obese people tends to look shorter so it is important to maintain an ideal weight to make your appearance attractive.

  • Calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) to see if you have an ideal weight according to your height or not.
  • If not then hit the gym and try to follow an exercise routine to shed the extra pounds.
  • In addition to this, also eat mindfully and keep the track of your diet to avoid junk meals and fatty food contents.

22. How Can You Grow Taller By Swimming?

Swimming is a great way for the exercise of your muscles. It is a great exercise for someone who is looking for ways to how to get taller fast for teenagers. Swimming is amongst the best grow taller exercises for teenagers as it can help a person to maximize his height. Many people are not aware of this activity which helps a lot in gaining extra inches in height.

  • People who want to know how to grow taller faster should swim an hour or two every day.
  • Join a swimming club and learn swimming from a swimming coach to master the strokes.
  • This activity, if continued from an early age can help to gain height in the future.

23. Keep Your Immune System Strong

A healthy body will grow aptly. A strong immune system contributes to keep your body safe from diseases. For instance, any virus or infection that attacks the body may cause stunt growth. Sometimes malnutrition also affects the height growth. Thereby, keep your immune system stronger by consuming food that boosts your immune power.

  • Avoid unprocessed food and switch to whole grain.
  • Vitamin C is necessary to make your body internally stronger. You can take fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C such as oranges, lemon, grapefruit, etc.
  • Omega 3 and antioxidants are great for boosting body immunity. You can consume fish, cheese, milk, fruits and vegetables to provide necessary nutrients to the body.



Short height is not something that you cannot deal with. There are shoes that makes you taller and bring back your lost confidence. But finding the best shoes that amalgamate comfort and elegance can be difficult. That’s why we have compiled the list of Top Height Increasing Shoes. So you can easily find and choose the one that suits your aura and personality.

There are plenty of shoes available in the market that helps you to look taller. Few are good if you are looking for comfort while few looks great to wear. Now, which one should you choose? It can be difficult to make a decision but don’t worry we will help you to figure it out soon!

Best Shoes That Makes You Taller

It can be a very personal decision to choose a height increasing shoes. However, it is not possible to recommend any one shoe to everyone as it is more of a personal choice.

What may look good on one person may not be as pleasing for another.

There are a number of factors that you should take care of before making a purchase decision. These factors encompass height, leather, comfort, design and style. Our Top 10 shoes that makes you taller will simplify the decision-making process.

Below is the table that exhibits Top 10 Height Increasing Shoes 2017. Every product in the table has been especially reviewed in detail.

1. CHAMARIPA Elevator Shoes Tuxedo


Chamaripa Elevator Shoes Corporation design and manufactures premium men’s elevator shoes since 1996. It has an established customer base as over 11 million people have used their handcrafted elevator shoes.

CHAMARIPA Elevator Shoes Tuxedo Leather Dress Height Increasing Shoes Lifts 2.96 Inch Taller K4022

  • Chamaripa Elevator Shoes are made up of high-quality leather. The heel sole varies in sizes so you can decide how much height do you want to increase. The best thing about these elevator shoes is that they gives the perfect illusion of heightand no one can guess that you are wearing elevator shoes.
  • The design looks perfect with dress pants and suits so these shoes would be the perfect choice for a meeting, formal dinner or parties.
  • Chamaripa Elevator Shoes comes in black and brown color. The black shoes are perfect and get along with all types of dresses. The second shade comes in two tone brown colored shoes. However, you should keep this in mind that the color may slightly vary from the pictures shown on the internet.
  • The insoles are comfortable and can provide you extra inches in your height. Some people find it hurting after wearing elevator shoes for long hours.

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2. GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes

If you can spend some bucks on buying luxury shoes and are fond of wearing super comfortable and edgy shoes, then you can opt “GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes.” GuidoMaggi is the creator of luxury elevator shoes that are handcrafted in Italy.

GuidoMaggi Men’s BOND STREET 3.1″ Height Increasing Leather Elevator Shoes

These are the finest shoes that are made up from premium full grain leather. The insole comprises of soft goat lining that enhances the comfort level of wearing the elevator shoes. The outsole is made up of rubber that helps to protect from getting slipped.

These elevator shoes are the most comfortable shoes on the planet. GuidoMaggi is the best in making elevator shoes.

  • The shoe laces that come with “Bond Steet” shoes is cotton waxed. The stitching is fine and classy. You can see the clear visible stitches on Upper leather, outsole, and midsole.
  • This design is available in black and burned brown shade. The shoe shine applauds its fine quality. The design also looks great with the formal attire as it adds an extra oomph and elegance to the personality.
  • These shoes are available in 3 heights so before ordering these pair of shoes, don’t forget to see the size chart to estimate your shoe size. Be careful before ordering as the same design comes in three size variants.
  • You can choose from following three variants. Check how much do you want an increase in height,

– 2.4 in(6cm)

– 2.75in(7cm)

– 3.1in(8cm)

  • It can also be a perfect gift for your husband or friend who seems to be embarrassed due to his height. These shoes look wonderfully awesome that anyone would want to wear them at first sight. They add natural inches to your height without any false style statement.

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3. CALDEN Height Increasing Elevator Shoes


CALDEN – K320021 – 2.4 Inches Taller – Height Increasing Elevator Shoes-Black Leather Cap-toe

Calden is also a formal height increasing shoes that makes you taller.

  • It is made up of two-tone smooth & pebble grain leather. It is designed in Cap-toe style. The fitting is great because of its comfy design and style.
  • It is made up with Goodyear welt stitching that adds the elegance to its design. Calden designs for durability and has a longer life. The bottom is made up of synthetic rubber.
  • This particular design can make you  2.4 inches taller in height. Due to its design, it doesn’t look like that you are wearing elevator shoes to camouflage your height. These elevator shoes are comfortable enough to wear all day.
  • They come with excellent fitting and people who bought these are in love with these shoes. Apparently, they are also reasonably priced as compared to other high-end brands. The price is low as compared to others in the review.