7 Easy Stretches to Grow Taller That Actually Works

Stretching exercises can help a lot in increasing height naturally.

There are many height increasing guides or programs that focus on basic to advance level stretching exercises that can help you to get taller.

Basic Level Stretches To Grow Taller

Since there are many people who have seen positive results in increasing their height through stretching body and performing exercise on a regular basis.

So here we are going to share three excellent stretches to grow taller that can help you to get your desired results. Don’t forget to subscribe to get 4 BONUS Exercises that are not mentioned here.

  1. Turning Log Exercise
  2. Air Bicycle Stretching Exercise
  3. Butterfly Stretches
  4. Cobra Stretch
  5. Pelvic Shift Exercise
  6. Bridge Stretch
  7. Hip-Flexor Stretches

1. Turning Log

This is the easiest exercise that you can do every morning regularly when you wake up. While you are lying down on your bed, spread your arms and legs as much as you can. Next, try to stretch as if you can reach the edges of the bed. Twist and turn your body parts by rolling around in bed. This exercise will help to stretch the joints and muscles in your body.

2. Air Bicycle

This is another stretching exercise that you can do while lying on your bed. First, put your hands on hips. Lift your legs and lower your torso into the air. You have to rest your weight on the elbows and upper back. While legs are lifting in the air, assume a cycling motion with both legs.

3. Butterfly

For this stretching exercise, you need to get out of your bed. Next step is to stand up with your heels touching the floor. Now stretch out your arms horizontally (i.e. perpendicular to the body). Stretch out the arms as much as you can. After that start rotating your arms in a clockwise direction and don’t bend your elbows. Repeat anticlockwise.

7 Easy Stretches to Grow Taller That Actually Works

Benefits of stretching

– Doing stretches to grow tall can be an effective way to increase height. Since stretches can help to release height growth hormone.

– Another effectiveness of these stretches is that it can contribute to preventing bone and muscular diseases such as bone shrinking, osteoporosis that is caused later in age.

– Doing workouts can help you to strengthen your bones which will ultimately improve your overall physical appearance.

Proper diet for growing tall

Perhaps the most difficult of all could be eating the correct diet for height gain.

If you are interested in getting your dream come true then you should alter your eating habits as well. Certain components should be a part of your diet regimen for increasing height.

Adding calcium and proteins to your diet are possibly the best for your height. Calcium makes bones stronger while protein-rich diet helps in strengthening muscles and tissues. Protein rich food includes meat and chicken which can add extra carbs and strength to your body.

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Smoking and caffeine possess significant threats to your health. If you wanted to know the exact diet that you should eat for two months to get at least 2 to 4 inches taller then you must see this.

Can Stretching Exercises Really Help To Grow Taller?

You might be wondering if these stretches to grow taller work?

Many people think that it is moderately possible to increase height by regularly following a stretching exercise.

There are many physician, gym trainers and yoga instructors who tell specific exercises that can help to increase you an inch or two in height. People believe that it is not possible to grow after one passes 18 years (or in case some says its 22) but mostly people think that there are no chances for people to grow tall after 22.

This belief is associated to the myths which say that height hormones are attributed to genes of a person.

Busting The Myths! Learn About “HGH”

It is predominantly believed that after puberty it is not possible to gain height. However, this fact is busted a long time ago.

The height of an individual is depended upon a hormone known as “Height growth hormone (HGH). This hormone is actively functional during adolescence due to which a child grows faster.

Gradually, it slows down the process of growing hence a person does not gain height in later years. Still, there are effective ways to accelerate the functionality of HGH. If you have passed puberty, still you can add some inches to your height using natural ways of height increasing supplements.

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